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Our services range from the design and planning to series production and delivery of high-quality bike components. Our professional network allows us to provide further services, such as packaging and shipping finished products.

Due to our semi and fully automated production process, we are able to manufacture 24/7 and therefore, react to demand changes at short notice. We demonstrated this flexibility in the long-standing cooperation particularly with our clients from the automotive and aviation industries.

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Development & design

Development: The development of bike components that match the requirements of sustainable mobility is an essential part of our strategy. Our competence in design begins with creating technical drawings of ideas and transmitting them to our CAD software. As a second step, we manufacture initial prototypes and subject these to comprehensive quality checks. At the end of the development process, the bike component is ready for series production. The interdisciplinary background of our team helps us to continuously improve our development skills and engineering expertise while at the same time fulfil the high requirements of modern design.  

Design: Our partners involve us in the product development early on in order to collectively design components and processes. Thanks to our 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining systems, we are able to manufacture complex components with aluminium parts. Naturally, surface machining and finishing is part of our range of services.

Individual manufacture

Prototype manufacture: We offer innovative ideas and constructive solutions for nearly all ideas and wishes of our clients. Together we create a technical drawing of the idea and subsequently manufacture a first prototype. This will match the later series product regarding material composition and design. Our prototypes do not only serve as proof for technical feasibility and quality, we also ensure process capability by manufacturing them under series production conditions. 

Series production: There are several reasons why only a certain quantity of one component is required. One of the most important reasons is to ensure sustainability. It is an important step in the right direction to manufacture only as many parts as needed. With our own machinery, we are able to carry out your order precisely. 

Quality management

Continuous monitoring: Quality management is an essential part of the continuous improvement of our production development. In order to fulfil our vision of holistic sustainability also in this area, we follow the concept of not only checking the quality subsequently, but ensuring and requiring it from the beginning. Our development and design process contributes significantly to verifying the suitability of the process and machines already in advance of series production in order to ensure a stable and safe production. This way, we can ensure a controlled and stable process from the beginning. The flow of the process is regulated in a way that all essential product properties are within the required specification limits. 

Internal quality assurance: For our internal quality assurance, we follow strict rules that allow for a classified evaluation of statistically collected process data. Moreover, samples of a manufacturing series are drawn periodically. We place utmost importance on absolute perfection of our end product.

Packaging & distribution

Packaging: Thanks to our professional network, we can provide further services additionally to manufacturing bike components, such as packaging and shipping finished products. Of course, we adhere to our implemented rules for holistic sustainability also at this point of the value-added chain. For this reason, the packaging consists of recycled and degradable materials. 

International distribution: Besides the DACH region, our target market includes further European countries. We also gladly handle the distribution of your components from our production site. This way, intermediate transports and long storage times are reduced to a minimum.

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